At its COR

At COR Freight our principles are in our name. We provide thorough Communication for On-time pick-up and delivery, resulting in Reliable freight solutions.


We believe you deserve to know where your freight is. We provide thorough communication prior to pick-up, while your freight is over the road and once the load is delivered.


Your shipment schedule is our priority. With detailed load planning and over the road tracking through maintained communication with our drivers, and through our partnerships with top real-time visibility tracking companies, we ensure that your shipment is always on-time.


We have a 24/7 commitment to all of our partners. We understand that transportation is not an 8 to 5 industry. We’ll be there for you and for your freight no matter the hour, no matter the circumstance.


COR Freight quickly became my go-to carrier when it came to moving my company’s freight. Their reliability, understanding, and extensive communication made them the best choice for me time and time again.  Based on my time working with COR I recommend them very highly.
Jennifer – Chicago, IL

I’ve dealt with the guys at COR Freight for a while and I’ve always been blown away with the service. When I have a shipment that requires special attention and must deliver on time I know I can rely on COR.
Aaron – Joplin, MO

COR Freight is a great carrier for me.  Their reliable service puts my mind at ease when COR is hauling my freight.

Barb– Fort Pierce, FL