How It Started

Kevin Borne and Jared Smith are co-founders of COR Freight LLC. After working for other brokerage companies, they wanted to develop a logistics company with less micromanagement and more sweat equity from an empowered, motivated sales team.

where we’re Going

At COR we are dedicated to fostering a positive, high-energy environment while doubling in size annually. We prioritize organic leadership growth and customer-centric solutions. Our commitment to team development and addressing industry challenges drives our upward trajectory. As we expand and innovate, we remain united in delivering exceptional experiences and supporting the COR’s vision, leading to growth on all fronts.

At COR Freight our principles
are in our name.

C = communication

We believe you deserve to know where your freight is. We provide thorough communication prior to pick-up, while your freight is over the road and once the load is delivered.

O = On-time

Your shipment schedule is our priority. With detailed load planning and over the road tracking through maintained communication with our drivers, and through our partnerships with top real-time visibility tracking companies, we ensure that your shipment is always on-time.

R = reliability

We have a 24/7 commitment to all of our partners. We understand that transportation is not an 8 to 5 industry. We’ll be there for you and for your freight no matter the hour, no matter the circumstance.


By effectively COMMUNICATING with customers and drivers, COR Freight strives to provide ON-TIME pickup and delivery with unparalleled RELIABILITY.

WHAT our Customers are saying

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